Friday, January 20, 2006

Our New Apartment!

So, here we are at our new apartment, and I wanted to post some pictures so that our friends and family can see where we live now! Have fun looking at the pictures and check back in to see what's new in our lives.

This is kind of blurry, but here is our living room (or at least the majority of it). I love the windows!!!
Here is the view from the living room into the dining room. To the left of the dining room is the master bedroom.

Another view of the dining room and living room.

Dining room again, with another view of more windows!

So, this is a small view of our master bedroom. It was really hard to get a good picture, so you'll just have to come and visit to see it. :)

Our Kitchen, we want to get some type of small table for the corner.

Our guest bedroom! Come visit and you can stay here!!! :)

This is the view from the kitchen to the dining room and then living room. To the right is the guest bedroom and to the left is the bathroom.

Another view of kitchen.

Here is a picture of our Bathroom. We decided to go with the FUN ribbon shower curtain.