Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun on the farm

We've been pretty busy lately on the weekend between one of us being on praise team at church and heading home to see family. Of course having a new nephew motivates us to go home and see how much he's grown! We went home a few weeks ago and were able to see my grandma who was visiting from Arizona as well as celebrate Claire's 3rd birthday! I can't believe she's already 3!!!

On Saturday we headed to the local pumpkin festival. Alex was so excited about the bouncy houses that we told him would be there. We got him his armband and then headed to the bouncy houses. For some odd reason between one side of the park and the other, Alex decided he didn't want to do the bouncy houses and instead wanted to play in the free park. It was a waste of $10, but what are you gonna do? Claire had fun and I think she got at least $20 worth of jumps! :)

The only bouncy house that Alex attempted. When he got to the top he was scared of the slide (he's going through a phase of being scared of heights)!

Claire having a BLAST!!

After taking his nap, Alex wanted to go out and see Papa's tractor. He loves John Deere tractors and can spot one from a mile away! He inspected it from outside for awhile then finally decided he was ready to drive it. He climbed up the stairs and spent a ton of time "driving" the tractor. I think he's a true farm boy! The look on his face when he's at Grandma and Papa's is priceless! He loves just running around the farm.