Friday, June 20, 2008

An eventful day!

This morning has been eventful morning. I was watching Alex this morning and he was playing as he always does, and climbing all over things. Well, he was just playing around the TV table and the next thing I know, he slipped and fell on something that was on the floor and sliced his head open just above his right eye. It was a deep cut, so we immediately got in the car and headed to the emergency room. Not a fun experience, but thankfully Alex is okay, and didn't need stitches. They were able to use the dermabond stuff which should have minimal scarring. I think I'm more scarred than he is. I'm now terrified of everything that he is playing with. I know, I know, accidents happen and all kids fall. I'll post some pictures of his latest battle wound. :(

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time for the Beach

We got up at our normal time this morning (6:45am) and then headed downtown to take Alex to the beach for the first time. We were at the beach by 9:15am and Alex headed right for the water. He loved the sand and the water! Unfortunately, when we first arrived, he ran right for the water, tripped, and fell face first into the water. Kent ran to pick him up, so I don't think he was too traumatized. We took some pictures and video to capture the memory.

Building a sand castle

Playing in the water

Friday, June 13, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

One last update

I forgot to tell you all about our stress that we've had this last week. Saturday night I was out with my friends from college. I got home Sunday and Kent told me not to use the bathroom. He then went on to say that our bathroom ceiling collapsed from the leak that we'd noticed a few weeks ago. We found out this week that the toilet from upstairs had been leaking for awhile and the water damaged caused the ceiling to just give way and collapse. So, Monday we had an emergency water damage crew come and cut the rest of the ceiling up and clean things up. The crew left two HUGE dehumidifiers in each of our bathrooms. Let just say that not only do we have a pool, but for a week we also had two saunas! Not the highlight of my week. :) Friday afternoon, they did come to pick up the two dehumidifiers. We also had someone come to write an estimate for us.

So at the end of the week, we've come to realize that the worst is over, or at least it seems like the worst is over. :)

You'll notice in the next few posts that Alex has a huge bump on his head. With all the demolition, we had a ladder out in hallway. He turned too fast, fell, and hit the corner of the ladder with his head. Not a pretty site, but it's getting better.

We'll keep you updated in the next few weeks.

Fair Oaks Farm.....

We spent today at Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, IN. It was a lot of fun and not what we expected. What an amazing operation they run on over 19000 acres. Somehow we survived the day with Alex not getting a nap until 2:30pm when we got in the car to head back home. Funny thing was, we weren't even on the entrance ramp before he was asleep. I think he was quite tired from the fun of the day! I think the highlight for Alex was the indoor play area. He loved it!!! I also think my parents finally saw how active he is! (They'll have fun in a few weeks when they get him for the weekend!)

Of course we had to enjoy some ice cream before we left the Dairy Farm!

I think this picture conveys just how tired these two were at the end of the day!

A New Trick!

Alex has learned a new trick that I'm not so excited about. I think the pictures will speak for themself.

Fun with Claire

A few weeks ago we headed down to Chris and Shannon's for some fun family time. Alex had a blast playing with Claire's outdoor playset. We've decided that he has now fear as he just goes down the slide head first. It is fun to see him start to interact more and play with Claire as he gets older.

Can you see the classic "Alex" look?

Zoo Time

Kent and I have been entertaining Alex lately by taking him to the zoo. While the weather has been nice quite a bit lately, it seems like the days that we have him, it isn't so nice. That means that we have spent a fair amount of time at the Hamil Family Play area of Brookfield Zoo. It has been a blast to watch Alex as he just tots around and goes from room to room. We've found that his favorite rooms are the "Veterinarian Room" and "The Office." I think it amazes him that he can stand there and play with everything and not get into anything that he isn't supposed to be in. It also makes our job much easier. We're looking forward to spending more time at the zoo this summer as the weather continues to get nicer. These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but as you'll see in my next few posts, things have been busy and crazy around here the last few weeks.

Note: It's also harder to get a good/clear picture of Alex these days! :)