Saturday, May 17, 2008

Overdue Update

I think this blog post is way overdue! I feel like I haven't updated everyone in so long. We have been busy, but not with anything specifically. We've been out of town quite a bit lately, so I guess that takes up some free time, and we'e been spending a lot of time outside as well. Alex loves to be outside, which is fun for us. We love watching him play at the park and just run around outside.

A few weekends ago we headed to Ohio for some family time. Alex was able to meet another one of his aunts and his uncle, and two more cousins! I think he had fun. It is sometimes hard to tell with him, but he did great the whole weekends. Especially considering for three nights in a row he had to fall asleep in the car! Probably not my first choice, but it worked.

Last weekend we went to my parent's house for Mother's day weekend! Saturday afternoon Claire and Alex played together for awhile. We always think that they'll start to be closer together in what they can do and how they can play together, but Claire keeps advancing as well. :) She gets so excited to see Alex! It's cute. She now has learned how to say "Al" (we're working on the Ex part), "Kent" and "Regan." Her vocabulary surprises me everytime!

This summer seems like it is going to be a busy one for us. We have three weddings and a few other trips to take as well. We're looking forward to the trips, but not the gas prices. In Chicago, it is now $4.05!!! YIKES!!!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks for you.

My Birthday Gifts from Alex and Kent

Alex LOVES to give hugs to his stuffed animals

"Strawberries on my head? How'd those get there??"

On the farm with Grandma


Fun on the Farm!

Helping Grandma

A bird's nest

Wagon Ride

4 Generations


Lookin' Cool!

Playing outside