Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picture post from back in time....

I was uploading pictures the other day and realized that I haven't posted some on here that I know you'd enjoy seeing. So, this post is dedicated purely to pictures.


Waiting for the "potty races" (as Alex called them) to begin. We headed home to the Fireball Festival. It was fun to see Alex's reaction to the toilets racing down the street. He had no clue WHY they would do this!

Off they go!

3 Months Old

He was so focused on watering the plants in the Family Zoo area. Kent and I kept saying, "who is this kid?" It was cute.

Little trip to the zoo. They had this bean bag toss game set-up and Alex LOVED it! He played it about 3 or 4 times. He actually did a great job too. We made him scoot back further.

On Daddy's shoulders. Best way to experience the zoo.

Trying out the foot massager at the zoo.

Paige at the zoo! What a good little girl.

I took Alex to see his first movie in the theater. He loved Toy Story 3! It was fun to watch him experience the big screen for the first time.

Alex is taking two classes at the Park District this summer (cooking and art). After his art class he told me that he made "goo" to put his hands in. It turns out that it wasn't GOO but GLUE! Oops. Oh well, he had fun!

Water balloon fight on the 4th of July! We had fun tossing the ballons at one another. Alex wondered why we weren't in our swim suits. By the time we were done, I wondered the same thing.

Little Illini Fan!

One of his paintings from Art Class

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Month update

Well, I'm a few weeks late for this post, but better late than never. Paige is now 3 months old and growing like crazy! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish she'd slow down! She is definitely my happy little girl. She has just started in the last two weeks laughing outloud! She is not one you have to work at to get her to smile! She loves looking at faces and smiles back at you. She is unofficially around 12.5 pounds. On another note, we do have her in physical therapy at Children's Memorial because of her favoring the right hand side. Her neck is getting stronger and she is really starting to even out her preference. Basically by favoring her right side, she caused her head to be slightly misshapen. He has a flat spot in both the back and the front of her head. We do a lot of tummy time and moving her in different positions during physical therapy. Another aspect of it is that we have to really try our best to keep her off of the back of her head when she is awake during the day. Our goal is 50% of her awake time on her tummy (or similar positions). We're getting there and we're happy with the progress she has made.

3 Month pictures for JCPenny

Not to skip over Alex in this post...He's doing great and always full of energy! He loves to keep us on our toes. We were actually thinking back to one year ago and are so blessed to be able to say that he no longer has any speech delays! In fact he is non-stop talking! One year ago when we took him to fireworks, he was still using his sign language! :) Amazing how one year changes things.

God has truly blessed our family!