Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More videos.

Alex got a bike for his birthday and has finally not only learned how to pedal, but also how to steer. Here's a little video to show you just how big he's gotten

We have had many bananas around the house lately as Alex is on a "Banana kick" Listen closely to hear some of his new words

We've also been trying to have less TV playing in the car and more music. In return, Alex has started to ask for a few songs by name. He loves "doughnut," "Ha, ha, luia," and "knock, knock, knock." This is the best video I can get so far, but listen to him try to sing "Praise you" during the Happy Hallelujah song.

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July fun!!!

We had a great time this fourth of July. We went to fireworks on Friday night and Alex loved them. First of all, the fireworks were at a golf course so while we waiting for it to get dark, all of the kids were playing in the sand traps. (Jami, this would have been a nightmare for you!) So, Alex joined right in and dug in the sand, threw it in his hair, down his shirt, inbetween his toes, etc. He had a blast!!! He just ran and ran and ran until he literally asked to go in his stroller and "go night-night." We put him in his stroller and walked around until the fireworks started.

As the fireworks began, he signed "flower" because he thought they looked like flowers. He then started naming all the colors he saw; "Blue, yellow, green, purple." He was saying "boom" and just staring at them until we decided to go ahead and head back to the car to beat the rush. Then he said, "More fireworks." It was great to see him enjoy them!

Saturday morning we headed to a local parade. It started with all the police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. He was mostly looking forward to the candy. When they started throwing candy, he went and picked it up, but then wanted to eat it all right away. Unfortunately, we didn't want him to eat a huge back of candy, so he was a little disappointed. Overall though, he had a great time. He loved the bands that were there too.

Montly Post with more to come....

I've looked back at the last few months and realized that I've really only posted about once a month. I need to work on that. :) So, here's our post for the month.

We went back "home" to Bloomington a few weeks ago to help a good friend celebrate her 30th birthday! It was good to see some familiar faces and go to church at E-Free again. The party was at a park in the area. It was such a great environment for Alex as he LOVED playing outside and just running. We had a great time!


Playing at the park

Being a goofball in the car

Notice the spoon in his toes

A little craft he made at daycare

1st ear of corn. He LOVED it!!!

Can you tell??

Enjoying some brownie batter Yum!!!

And a video for you......

From the mall