Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Adventures

I over the last five (well, almost 5) years of our marriage, we have constantly been through changes. I completed my master's degree, we moved many times, we bought our first house, we both went through job changes, we moved to an entirely new place, we found out our family is expanding, and now we are moving into our second house.

That's right, we found out today that our offer finally was accepted on a house here in our same area. We have been through a long process of waiting and waiting some more to find the "right" house. We started looking at houses in December, and put an offer in on a really good deal. After two weeks of waiting to hear about our offer, we decided to pull our offer and continue looking. A few weeks later we put an offer in on another house and found out that they accepted our offer. The next day, we found out that they didn't sign the contract and decided to "keep" their house. Knowing that God must have something better for us, we continued looking. A week ago Saturday we put an offer in on another house and continued to wait. And wait.....and wait..... Finally today we found out that the sellers and their lender accepted our offer. So, February 16th we will close on another house. We excited about this house and the possibilities that it has for the future. Granted, we will be moving only a few months before the baby is due, but we know that the space that this house has will be much appreciated when the baby gets here. That also means that we have plenty of room for all of you to come and visit. :)

Our realtor has become a great friend as we have spent many weekends and nights with him going from house to house. I'm sure we'll miss spending so much time with him, but we are glad that we don't have to write any more offers. At one point this week, our realtor told us that we should receive the real estate patience award. I have to say that it has been frustrating at times, but we know that through everything God is teaching us lessons, right?

We'll send out an email to all of you after we close on the house to give you our new (and hopefully last) address.

For now, we're just continuing to get ready for the baby and packing up the apartment.