Friday, February 27, 2009

An update

Okay, so it's a boring title to this post, but my creativity is lacking today. I have some pictures and videos to get to up on the blog.

A few weekends ago, Kent was on a business trip in DC, so Alex and I headed to my parents for a short trip and then spent the rest of the weekend here in Chicago. We had a lot of fun playing, coloring, climbing, and just having fun.

It's hard to believe that Alex is getting close to being 2 years old.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pictures and Videos

When the weather hits 60 degrees in February in the midwest, we head outside and play! Yes, we know that it is just a tease and it will shortly (already has) return to the cold frigid temperatures, but at least it was nice for a few days and we got to play outside. We took Alex to the park and just stood back and watched him climb. Okay, so we couldn't really stand back or we might have had a long trip to the ER, but we did watch him climb. He ran right over to the "big kid" playground and started climbing this ladder that turns as it goes up in the air. He loved it and didn't realize that he wasn't quite old enough to really be able to climb it. We definitely have a climber on our hands. It is fun to see just how much he improves at things even over the course of 4-5 months.

He also has been working hard at his speech therapy. He is starting to imitate some animal sounds that we make and also tries to say words. Tonight we were reading his ILLINI book before bed (in preparation for the game). I said, "Say Illini" and he really tried! It didn't come out quite right, but he tried. He's also trying to say car, go, mouse, boat, meow, cock-a-doodle-doo (quite cute), woof, and a few other ones. We're encouraged with the progress and are really working with him intentionally every day.

You'll notice a theme with some of these pictures and videos! :)

Climbing to his booster seat

Climbing on the "big kid" ladder

Playing at the McDonalds playland

Playing at the Park