Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthdays Galore!

The end of March and beginning of April are going to be busy for us every year as we celebrate. This year we decided to celebrate each birthday separately since it is Paige's first birthday. We decided on an Owl theme. Afterall, the first year with Paige has been a real "hoot!" She continues to make us smile and laugh every day. She loves to try to imitate her brother. She'll climb over to the trampoline, make her way up and start trying to jump. At her first year appointment she weighed just over 20 pounds and was 29 1/4 inches long. She's still our little peanut.

Alex on the otherhand has grown 4 inches from December til April! Crazy!!! He is still in the 80-90% for height and weight. He continues to keep us on our toes. The things that he is able to remember never cease to amaze us. He loves being active. Kent even made a swing under his bed so during those long winter months he could still be active. For his birthday he got a scooter from my parents and a new bike from us so he will be busy this summer learning how to use each of them.