Monday, April 24, 2006

Springtime is here!!!

I love spring, and what comes with it. The flowers outside of our apartment are blooming, the trees have leaves on them again, and when the windows are open we can hear the birds! So, I wanted to share some pictures of Springtime here in Chicago with you. Enjoy!!!
Aren't tulips just the best in Spring??

This is a few of our street. I can't wait to see all these trees in Fall!

More tulips

This is the outside of our apartment. The top windows are ours.

More tulips! I love them.

Remember to take time to smell the flowers. :)

Friends are the Best!!

So I've decided that I love our Taylor Friends!!! Kyle and Cassie came to visit us a few weekends ago, and it was a blast to have them here. Even when we were just sitting around talking, we were cracking up! Poor Cassie probably heard more Taylor stories than she wanted to hear. The four of us didn't really do a whole lot over the weekend, but we did end up going to Woodfield Mall and Ikea! Oh what an experience. Those two places are just huge. While we were at the mall, we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe, which was a blast!! Not a great date place since you can't really hear each other, but the atmosphere is great. On Sunday we went to church together and then went out to eat once again. I have to say I had the most fun though just hanging out and laughing. I think my cheeks hurt after they left! I'll share just one picture from the weekend.

Kent, Regan, Cassie, & Kyle

Monday, April 03, 2006


Not only were we able to see Kent's parents this last weekend, but we also were able to visit with Ginny and Frank on Sunday evening. They were visiting Chicago from out of town, and we met up with them as well as Kendra, Sara & Mario in Chinatown on Sunday evening. Kent and I haven't been there before, so it was fun to go and see what it was all about. There definately isnt' a shortage of food in Chinatown. We went out to eat with everyone, and discovered that all cultures have their unique food. Frank also wanted us to try Bubble Tea, which is some sort of tea that has big tapioca in it as well. It was good! We walked around a little, and then headed back home. Even though it was a short time, it was still good to see them. Here are just a few pictures of our time with them as well.

Chinatown with the Sears Tower in the background as well.

Kendra, me, Ginny, & Sara in Chinatown

So, this last weekend was really the first time that we actually did anything in Chicago, so it was fun to experience some of the city. We still enjoying our jobs and our apartment. We really feel like God was the one putting this puzzle together.

Museum Time!

Wow! We have been busy this last weekend. Kent's parents came to visit on Thursday night and stayed through Sunday after church. It was fun to have them around and take them to some different museums and stuff. Friday Kent took off of work and took them to the Museum of Science and Industry. There is a U-boat exibit right now, and it was a hit! Friday we went to Shedd Aquarium, which was fun as well. Here are some pictures of their visit.

I loved the penquins! They are so cute, and who knew they were so little.

We also watched the show at the Oceanarium at Shedd, which was also a blast to see the dolphins, especially when they were playing.

I just thought this was a neat picture of the name of the building.

A picture of the skyline from Museum Campus. It was nice to finally get to take some people to these places, since we hadn't been since moving.