Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween and Candy

We went to my parent's house for Halloween weekend. Mainly to get to see family and then my mom, sister, and I took off for Indy on Saturday morning (without the kids). Anyway, I don't know how excited Alex was to get dressed up and the head to stranger's houses, but he went along with it. It was fun to be home and I know Claire loved having us. In fact, I heard from my sister today that she's been asking, "Where's my Aunt Regan? Where's my cousin Alex? Where's my Uncle Kent?" I love it! :)

Alex didn't get a ton of candy since we only went to about four places, but he did get enough, that's for sure! We got home and I decided a few days later to give him his first sucker ever. As I gave it to him, I quickly realized that he needed to be in his highchair or I would be scrubbing down the entire house. He put it in his mouth and quickly made a "mmmmm....." sound. I just laughed. He had fun with it and definitely enjoyed it.

He has also been loving his baths lately, even more than usual. In fact, there have been many nights that the water has drained and he's just sitting in there as if it doesn't really matter if there was water or not. I was able to capture it on the camera tonight.