Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Video Fun and more

Alex has been doing this silly thing with his mouth lately. Last night I captured a SHORT clip of it, so enjoy the video. :)

Also, we had our dermatology conference today. Really we did more educating the doctor's than they did answering any of our questions, but hopefully we will gain some information from them after they finish meeting today. After we left, they spent the day talking about different cases they saw and their impressions. I'm guessing that we won't really find anything out, but it was good to talk to our own dermatologist again and see what he was thinking today. Alex was a trooper. He was so good, even as it was during his nap time. He let all of the doctors (about 30 of them) look at his teeth and his nails. He had a great time in the room as well. We were in a little exam room. We walked in and they had a little hospital gown for him, which he didn't end up needing, but it was adorable. It was kind of funny as all of the doctors kept saying how laid back and well behaved Alex was. They didn't see him climbing all over the room before they came in. He managed to find the buttons to move the exam chairs up or down, the drawers with the medical supplies in it, and the stool that they doctors all wheel around on. It was entertaining!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Genetic Update

On Wednesday we had an appointment with a genetic specialist to talk about Alex and the form of Ectodermal Displasia that he has. After a thorough exam, it was decided that we would test for a specific form of ED. Unfortunately, the kind that we actually think Alex has doesn't have testing available yet, even though though the gene is identified. The doctor thought it was at least worth testing for this other form, which also effects hair besides the nails and teeth. Obviously Alex has really short, fine hair, which can be a symptom, but in his case we really don't think it is at this point. We'll have results in about 4-6 weeks. The downside of this news is the fact that most likely we won't know genetically where this came from, which means we won't know how future children may or may not be effected.

In other news, NEXT Wednesday we are going to be a part of a dermatology conference downtown. We got a call a few weeks ago and were asked if we would be interested in bringing Alex downtown to be examined by about 20-30 dermatologists. THey will then meet together and talk about their impressions. We're excited about gaining so more information and also spreading knowledge about this rare disease.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still Winter

I don't know about you, but we can't wait for winter to be over this year. It feels as if winter has lasted forever this year! We are so anxious to get outside again and play in the warm weather. We have been getting creative with playing inside and trying to make errands fun.
Alex is about 10 1/2 months old now. He has made a lot of little changes all the time. He has just started to take the fork from us when feeding him and he'll put it in his mouth by himself. He also has been standing a little bit on his own. He still isn't quite sure of himself, but he's getting there. He is motoring around all the furniture though.
It has been fun to see the changes over the month. It hard to believe that he is almost 1 year old already.
Things are going well for Kent and myself as well. Like I mentioned, we are ready for spring, but we've been making the best of the cold weather. We joined a local gym that is wonderful! (Including a steam room and hot tub!) It has been nice to get in a good work-out even when it is so cold outside.
I'm including some recent pictures of Alex, of course, so enjoy!

Doing Chores Already

With Mom

My 1st Babysitter (that I've met, usually I'm asleep when they come)

Climbing through my Exersaucer

Happy Valentine's (from Alex)

Playing in my room

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 months old!

Alex is 10 months old today!!! So, we took the ever so famous, "corner of the couch" picture for you. I'll post that with some others for you. He is climbing all over everything! We've discovered that he will be a climber. He tries to climb up his crib, and anything else that he can get too. It's fun to watch, but I'm sure we'll soon be wishing he wasn't a climber. He makes it interesting though.

In other news, we're enjoying this crazy weather we've been having. Our 10 inches of snow from last week are melting right now, but don't worry we're expecting another 8-12 inches again tonight and tomorrow. At least the snow is pretty when it is freshly fallen. :)

Corner of the Couch Picture

We actually got 2 good ones this time!


Sitting at my old-fashioned desk

At the desk again

Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!

We have gotten so much snow this winter, it is ridiculous! I heard yesterday on the radio, before this huge snow storm that we had already gotten THREE times as much snow as in previous years! CRAZY! Anyway, last night we added about 10-12 more inches of snow to our total! It was finally warm enough too to take Alex outside to experience the snow for the first time! I'm not sure if he really liked it. He wasn't too sure about the cold wet stuff. I think he enjoys looking at it more for right now! Maybe in next year he'll enjoy it more! We did take some pictures though for your enjoyment!

At my toybox made by Uncle Chris:

How I get up:


More sledding:

I think this snow is okay: