Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pictures from the Marathon

This is before the race, where we had to split-off from each other!

The start of the race....

This was right after the start, look at the mass of people running!

2 mile mark.

Again, 2 mile mark.

This was the 13 mile mark. People were more spread out, but still it was a mass of people. We still didn't see Kent at the point.


Thompson Tribe said...

Way to go Kent! You are our hero whether you finished or not! We are so out of shape we don't even think about running, let alone a marathon. In fact, we are sore from just jumping up and down in worship with the kids last night (and working on the car all afternoon).

I'll try to call soon. We need to catch up!


Stewarts said...

Congratulations, Kent!!! Whoo hoo!!! If anyone were to ever suspect me of running, I think I would use an injury from 6 years ago as an excuse not to do it, let alone try to run a marathon with a recent injury.
Great job to make it to 16 miles.
Love, Jill