Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I think BUSY describes my life since I headed back to work. First let me start with work. It is going well for me. I received about 13 new referrals my first week back, so I have been busy doing assessments and also getting used to all of the changes. There are so many things that are changing at my office, so it is difficult to keep up with. To give you an example, I have no idea who my boss is right now, but I'm sure at some point someone will tell me that I'm supposed to report to them. :) My patients are glad to have me back and really love having music again.

As far as Kent's work goes, he is going part-time at his current company starting next Monday. He is really excited as this will give him more time to work on his own business. He is finally to the point with his business is enough to support us with him only working part-time. He'll be watching Alex every other Friday too, which he is very excited about. Working at home half of the time will also give him more time in the evenings to spend with myself and Alex.

Okay, that's the update on work. Next, here is an update on our housing! We bought a condo and will be closing on July 13th. We're not sure when we will be moving as the seller's having 30 days after closing to move out. We're hoping that we will be moving as soon after closing as possible. The new condo will be close to Brookfield zoo. It is a 3 bedroom and 2 bath condo. It is also right off of the forest preserve bike path and also has a pool. We're very excited to be in our own place again.

This last weekend was my parent's 25th wedding anniversary celebration so on Friday we headed to mom and dad's to celebrate!!! Alex did great on the ride there and was excited to see his grandparents, aunt & uncle again. By Sunday I think he was ready to be able to nap in his own crib again. After sleeping for an hour on the way home, he decided to let us know he had had enough and managed to scream for the next 30 minutes. Once we got home and got him out of his seat he calmed right down. :) He is doing wonderful at his daycare. I'm not sure how much he weighs now and how long he is, but I'm hoping to stop by the doctor's office to find out. He is now reaching and grabbing objects consistently. We're really enjoying his smiles and coos. It is amazing how he changes every day.

Cousin Claire

Aunt Shannon & Alex

Grandma & Claire

The best invention for babies

Our Little Peanut

Little Ladies Man


Rachel said...

Congrats on all the new developments, especially the house! And cute pictures!

Jeremy & Kimi said...

love the look in the "ladies man" t-shirt! We're taking our first road trip this weekend down to DC - I hope Jared does ok! Congrats on the condo! Having your own place that you can do things to is such a big deal. :)