Monday, September 03, 2007

So much news

I feel like I haven't really had time to update everyone on what we have been up to since we moved back in July. So, while Alex is taking a nap, I thought I'd sit down and send an update.

First of all, Kent is now working full-time from home on his own business. It is going very well and he is loving being at home. It definitely gives him more time with Alex and myself. He is doing a great job of balancing spending time with us when we're home and working when he needs to. He can't believe how much he is able to get done when he actually has time to work on the projects he has been trying to finish. I can't really post details, but I know he is getting a lot done and is very happy to be working for himself.

In other job news, I will be starting a new job a week from Monday. After keeping my options open since returning from maternity leave, I have found a wonderful fit. I will be working at Glenbrook hospital as their music therapist. The staff is really looking forward to having a music therapist again (they had one about 3 years ago). It is a smaller hospital, but seems like a great community. The hospital is part of a larger network of healthcare facilities. Because of this, I will be working with a team of 3 other music therapists. I will be the only music therapist at Glenbrook Hospital specifically, though. I will also only be working 3 days a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I think) We are still figuring out those small details, but it looks like I will have 4 day weekends every week. WOOHOO!! That means I will have Alex on Mondays & Fridays, Kent will keep him on Thursday and the other two days, he will be at a daycare only 1/2 mile from the hospital. I will be able to stop in anytime to see him throughout the day. I think this job change will be good for my own sanity. I have been crazy busy the last few months and I am definitely wearing down.

Alex is growing and changing everyday. He loves to play with his feet right now. We find that he is responding so much more to outside stimuli including other people and just things that he sees in general. We spent this holiday weekend in Ohio visitng family. It was fun to seem him watch Sammy and Livi play and Kezi crawling around him. We're enjoying this more interactive stage. We know that in just a few weeks he will be crawling all over our condo. Stay tuned for those posts. haha!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.

Playing in the grass for the first time

I love holding onto my feet

Sammy and Livi

Taking a nap

Playing with Grandma

Think I was still tired??

Waking up

Ready to run

Playing with my toys

Playing with Livi

I like my new toys

Going to run errands

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