Friday, December 28, 2007

As Promised

I feel like there are a ton of pictures to post, but not really anything new with us. I have still been working 3 days a week, which I am loving! My job has been great and I'm starting to feel like people are thinking more about music therapy referrals. I started going down to the Kellogg Cancer Center last week as well one day a week. They were so welcoming and very appreciative of all of my services. I am looking forward to getting more involved with their program.
Kent is still working from home 4 days a week. It has been going well, and he continues to be busy with more and more work. He is looking forward to finishing a certain product he has been working on.
Alex continues to grow and change what seems like every day. He is still scooting himself around the floow. He is content to army crawl with mostly one arm and one leg. It is quite entertaining to see how fast he can get around that way. Right now he is loving to pull-up on anything he can get to. He'll crawl right over to you, put his arms out and then grab ahold of your hands to pull-up on. THe funniest thing is to watch him in his pack-n-play. He thinks he is hot stuff when he is standing their holding on to the edge. Right now I think he's working on his fifth tooth. He is a blessing to us everyday that we see his smiling face.

Our Christmas was good. We spent the weekend with my family in central Illinois. It was fun to watch Claire this Christmas especially since she was old enough to know what was going on. She even passed out presents! Amazing for a 15 month old. Alex loved his tonka truck as soon as he opened it. He began to climb all over the box. The only problem was that Claire loved it as well. We're still working on sharing between the two. :) We're hoping that now we can find a little bit of time to relax as things have been crazy for us these last few months. We plan on just enjoying the Illini in the Rose Bowl this New Year's.

Pack-N-Play Fun

All Smiles in the Jumperoo

Dinnertime Messes

8 Month Pictures

Beautiful Snowfalls

Go Bears! (Yes, we know their record!!)

Alex loves to hear the guitar

More Smiles

Brushing Teeth- First time

Bathtime is the Greatest

First Christmas Ornament (a tradition in my family)

Close-up of Alex's ornament

A common site out our windows

Christmas Eve Morning (opening our gifts)

Hot Stuff

Christmas with Claire

Wide-Eyes with the new Tonka Truck

This is Fun!!!

Claire obviously isn't interested in her new chair

Playing the drums like Daddy

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