Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Video Fun and more

Alex has been doing this silly thing with his mouth lately. Last night I captured a SHORT clip of it, so enjoy the video. :)

Also, we had our dermatology conference today. Really we did more educating the doctor's than they did answering any of our questions, but hopefully we will gain some information from them after they finish meeting today. After we left, they spent the day talking about different cases they saw and their impressions. I'm guessing that we won't really find anything out, but it was good to talk to our own dermatologist again and see what he was thinking today. Alex was a trooper. He was so good, even as it was during his nap time. He let all of the doctors (about 30 of them) look at his teeth and his nails. He had a great time in the room as well. We were in a little exam room. We walked in and they had a little hospital gown for him, which he didn't end up needing, but it was adorable. It was kind of funny as all of the doctors kept saying how laid back and well behaved Alex was. They didn't see him climbing all over the room before they came in. He managed to find the buttons to move the exam chairs up or down, the drawers with the medical supplies in it, and the stool that they doctors all wheel around on. It was entertaining!

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