Thursday, August 21, 2008

What does a 1 yr old do in Construction??

Play of course! We've finally been able to redo our bathroom after our ceiling collapsed in at the end of May. Kent has been working hard to do all the other stuff that wasn't covered by insurance (i.e. the floor, painting, and installing the vanity/sink). So, Alex has had a lot of fun playing with all of the new "toys" that have been all over our house. I think most of the pictures speak for themselves. (Seems like I'm always saying that!)

They had to cut a hole in our hallway wall in order to get the new shower into the bathroom.

Playing in the new vanity

"This is Fun!!!"

I think he likes his new bathtub

Admiring his new bathtub

Playing in his new bathtub!

"This is great, why didn't I have one earlier?"

Believe it or not, he is smiling in this one. He was splashing all over

More Bath fun!


Maren, Greg & Markus said...

Yay for bathtime! So glad Alex has a fun new tub! :)

bdhrgh52 said...

Alex looks so cute. He will be so happy when he gets older to see these pictures. Give him a big hug and kiss from Grandma Bev or Mama Bev as Claire calls me. Love you.