Monday, July 06, 2009

Montly Post with more to come....

I've looked back at the last few months and realized that I've really only posted about once a month. I need to work on that. :) So, here's our post for the month.

We went back "home" to Bloomington a few weeks ago to help a good friend celebrate her 30th birthday! It was good to see some familiar faces and go to church at E-Free again. The party was at a park in the area. It was such a great environment for Alex as he LOVED playing outside and just running. We had a great time!


Playing at the park

Being a goofball in the car

Notice the spoon in his toes

A little craft he made at daycare

1st ear of corn. He LOVED it!!!

Can you tell??

Enjoying some brownie batter Yum!!!

And a video for you......

From the mall

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