Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Williamsburg Vacation

We have had a busy month in August. Last week we boarded an airplane and headed down to Williamsburg, VA to spend about 5 days with all of Kent's family! It was good to see all of them since it is very rare that we can get everybody together. God definitely blessed the trip as the only time it rained was either while we were driving to/from the beach or while most people were resting/napping. With 25 people, and over half of those being kids, that was a HUGE blessing! We spent most of the time just hanging out at the timeshare and swimming in the pool. Friday we ventured to Virginia Beach. It ended up being a lot of fun even though the weather didn't seem like it was going to cooperate. The trip back from the beach however was not so much fun. It should have only taken an hour, but it ended up taking most of us at least 2 1/2 hours (or longer). I came to the realization that people from Virginia must not be able to drive in the rain. (Just kidding) but serious, there were more accidents on the way home than I thought possible!

Alex was great on the way there and back home. He did great in his seat on the airplane!

Here are a few videos and pictures from our trip.

A Tree Chair!

These were the biggest popsicles you've ever seen! And they were only $.50

It's hard to get a family pictures on the paddle boats.

We took a morning and everyone headed to a local park. The paddle boats were a lot of fun. Surprisingly, Alex actually sat pretty still and enjoyed the ride. :)

Alex's first time at the ocean! He loved it!

Another video of the ocean fun

Sweet Kezi

Playing in the sand

Building sandcastles

What fun!

Oh the fun of the ocean!

The In-Laws! :)

Kent and his siblings

Our family

All the grandkids, (well, minus 2, but almost all of them)

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