Monday, November 02, 2009


About a week ago, we were planning on just using my niece's costume from last year and having Alex dress up as a monkey for Halloween. Well, I was asking him about it and said, "aren't you excited to be a monkey?" He laughed and said, "No, I be a noo-noo and cheese box." I laughed at first and then looked at Kent and said, "I could do that! That would be hilarious!" So, I spent Sunday evening, and Monday painting his macaroni and cheese box. :) He was so excited to wear it and would just laugh whenever he saw himself in it.

Fast forward to Saturday.

We were at my parents to go trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. Alex didn't take a great nap, which may be where our problems started. We first went to my grandma's house. Alex got out of the car and said, "I'm so excited!" That being said as he was jumping up and down. Well, I go to put his costume on him and he DID not want to wear it! He put it on long enough to walk in the house, but that was it. :(

We left there and he put it on to walk next door (we were just going to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood). Well, I think it scared him to death that we were going to someone else's house. I think he thought we were going to go inside. He kept saying, "Other people houses no fun!" Needless to say, we only went to one other house, then headed back to my parent's house.

He put his costume on for them, and then proceeded to sit on the floor and look at all of his candy. At least he enjoyed that part.

Sunday morning (at home) he sees his costume sitting by the table and wants to put it on. I put it on him and he just starts laughing and says, "I love my noo-noo and cheese box!" Silly boy!!!

I did get some good pictures of him goofing around in his costume tonight. So, the first pictures are from Halloween and the good ones are from tonight at home. :)

Let's just say next year, I probably WON'T be making a homemade costume!

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Sarah said...

That costume is amazing! way to go! Kids just wouldn't be kids if they actually wore what they were supposed to wear and liked it, even though they were the ones to suggest it in the first place. It's funny (=highly annoying) how they seem to know when we want them to impress people and they react with clingy and shy withdrawal.