Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's new here?

Last weekend we took a trip with my family up to Christmas Mountain at the Wisconsin Dells. It was fun to watch the kids play together as they get older. Claire is the typical girl who always wants to be holding Alex's hand and hugging him. Alex is the typical boy who wants to play with her, but forget the hugs and hand holding. There were a few times that I had him hold her hand as we would walk inside a building. As soon as we'd get inside he'd say, "Claire, I don't have to hold your hand any more now." We went to the pool a few times, which had a water slide. To prove how much Alex loves having Claire around, here's a little story. They both LOVED the water slide. As soon as they were down, they would run (yes, we'd remind them to walk) back around to the top. Well, Alex would stand there and wait at the top until Claire made it back. Then he would jump up and down and let her go down first. He had a little hop in his step the whole time they were playing at the pool. It is fun to watch him get older and be able to do more things.

Look at that face!!!!

Saturday afternoon, the rest of my family went tubing down the mountain while I stayed back and hung out with Eli! Alex has such a funny personality as he loves doing things like tubing, but his facial expressions don't always reveal that. My mom would ask him if he was having fun and he would just say, "yeah." At one point they knew he was having fun going down the mountain when he said, "This sure is fun!" He also did manage to say "Wheee!!!!"on one trip down the mountain. :)

That was our last "trip" before the baby gets here. I've got about 6 weeks left until my due date. Our weekends are pretty full between now and then so I'm hoping that time continues to go quickly. I'm still feeling pretty good. My energy level is starting to go back down, but I'm not sure if that is from being pregnant or from chasing Alex around. We're all pretty excited for this baby to arrive. I think the closer it gets to spring, the more we feel like it will be right around the corner.

We've spent some time this winter playing in the snow and building a snowman. Alex was so proud of "Frosty." That is, until he toppled over as we had a few warmer days.

Playing with his Shaving Kit that he got for Valentine's Day!

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