Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Schedule

So I've discovered while home on maternity leave that Alex is a child who needs some major structure. Without it, he gets bored and starts to do things that he knows we do not allow. After 7 weeks, I finally figured out that I need to do a schedule like I did with many of my music therapy clients I worked with awhile ago. I created a storyboard and found pictures, laminated them and put them with velcro on a piece of cardstock. We now have everything planned out for the day so there is no time for Alex to get bored. Included in this schedule is a time for chores. I took a few pictures the other day of Alex doing his chores. It made me laugh, but he was LOVING it!!! We also have arts and crafts everyday as well as some time to "play" with Paige. He is doing very well with it.

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