Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Checking In

Well, it has been a little while since we checked in, so I thought I would just send a little update. Things are going where here in Chicago. Kent and I are both enjoying our jobs, and our apartment. We are getting to know a few more people from our church, which is making it more and more like home. We haven't gotten involved in the praise team or anything yet, but probably sometime this summer we will start getting involved. My job has been taking off more and more, which is encouraing. It is weird to think that in February, their first music therapist started, and now I have a full case load. The nurses are starting to see the benefits more and more, which is great. I'm hoping that within a year, they see the need to hire a second music therapist. I know it will take some time to grow the program, but I see that happening in the future.

We are both looking forward to the warmer weather to actually get to enjoy the benefits of Chicago. I still can't believe that we live close to a large body of water. There are days that I drive right by the lake, and marvel at it's beauty. God definately is the master artist.

So, although I don't have any new pictures right now, we are still doing great here in the big city. This weekend we're going to finish tiling my sister and brother-in-law's shower, so maybe we'll get some pictures this weekend. Check back next week to see if there is another update.

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