Monday, May 01, 2006

Grief and Thoughts about It....

So, over the last week, I feel like the only news we have received has been bad news. Whether it was our friend's baby being rushed to the emergency room, an accident of some of our friends, or the horrible car accident at Taylor. While both Kent and I have been away from Taylor now for awhile, I still can just imagine how difficult having 5 people from the University being stripped away from them suddently. I can't imagine however the waiting in the Chapel, and hearing that their friend was one who didn't make it. I've read so many stories and heard so many stories as well, and my heart is heavy as I think about the students and faculty having to go back to classes today. I've been praying for that professor with the empty chair, the roommate with an empty bed, or those still waiting to hear if their friend has come out of her coma yet. I know that the only way Christians can make it through a time like this is faith, and it makes me appreciate the community that Taylor is. I cannot imagine how one would get through a time like this if they didn't know Christ. So, even though it has been close to a week now, please continue to pray for the families of the victims, the Taylor community, and anyone else who has a direct connection to this tragedy. If you are reading this, obviously you are close to both of us, so we want to say that We love you, and are truly grateful for all of you.

Other than this last week, things have been going well with both of us. Jobs are the same. We did take Kendra (one of my college roommates) out this Saturday to her favorite restaurant and a movie. It was fun to hang out with her. You see, Kendra is great at celebrating her birthday. In fact, she makes a whole MONTH out of it. So, since her birthday is Thursday, we thought we would start just a few days early. All jokes aside, it has been great to have her here in Chicago, at least for a little bit longer.

So, as you go about your weeks, remember not to take life for granted. We never know when God will decide that it is time for us to move to our Eternal Home. So, instead of yelling at that loved one, give them a hug today and let them know how much you appreciate them. :)

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