Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two due dates??

I had my appointment last night and found out that now I have two due dates. At least for now I do. March 30th is my original due date, and according to my ultrasound, April 9th is my due date. So, I am going for another ultrasound on December 4th to find out what that one says. Basically, the technician wasn't able to see everything that she needed to see, so suggested another ultrasound. In fact, I'm kind of excited because hopefully this time I can ask her to move the screen more so I can see the little "bean" moving around the screen. We'll keep you updated and hopefully have a better picture to post as well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we'll miss those of you who we won't be with this weekend.

Stay tuned for more info about baby Thompson........ :)

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