Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bath time and more...

This last week has gone very well. I think Kent and I are finally adjusting to Alex's schedule. Yes, he is the smallest person in the house, but he definately has control for now! The last few nights have gone wonderful (knock on wood) as Alex has slept through the night and only been awake for feedings. We'll see if this continues, but for now I'm at least enjoying getting 2-3 hour blocks of sleep. He is starting to become more alert and watch us more, which is fun. I'm sure we'll only continue to see many changes in him in the coming weeks and months.

This week his cord finally fell off, so last night we gave him his first real bath. To our surprise, he didn't hate it! He kind of fussed at first, but then realized the water was warm and it wasn't all that bad. I'm including some pictures and a short video of his bath for your enjoyment.

We also had to make another trip to the doctor this week for an eye infection. :( Luckily, the drops have worked quickly and it is no longer bothering him. He was up to 9lbs at his appointment though, so he is back above his birth weight, which is wonderful!

The other day I laid him on his tummy on the couch and the next thing I knew, he had flung himself over onto his back! Craziness!! He did it twice, but I'm thinking the slight incline of the couch helped him as he's only done it once since then. He is a strong little boy though.

Continue to stay posted. I'm sure we'll have more to come soon...

I Don't think I like bathtime

I guess this isn't too bad

Hanging out in the bathtub

My hooded towel

All done

And a video for your enjoyment...


Rachel said...

How cute is that? You're real parents! Baths and everything. :) Glad things are going well with Alex... Keep posting pictures!

Josh & Laurie said...

Hi, Kent & Regan. This is Jill's sister-in-law, Laurie. I hope you remember me. I was looking through my favorites this morning and visited Jeff & Brooke's blog page and saw the links for all the other brothers. Jill tells me of all the babies being born to the Thompson family but I can't keep up! Congratulations! I was surprised to see how new this little one is. I'm excited that we can keep up with the goings on in the Thompson family through these blog sites. What a great idea for you all being that you each live in such different locations. Congratulations again. You can visit our site at We'll keep checking in to keep in touch! Take care -Josh and Laurie Stewart