Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Pictures....

Cousin Claire looking on

Alex loves his bouncy seat

Sleeping with dad

Alex's eyes

A "smile" while sleeping

After our first outing. I think I tuckered him out.

I'll try to give an update, besides pictures, later, but for now it is time for another feeding.


Thompson Tribe said...

love the pictures...keep them coming!

Jeremy & Kimi said...

don't you love those "sleepy smiles"?! I can't wait until they start smiling for real. :) Seems like there's always a feeding, a diaper change and then a nap... but those smiles and snuggles are priceless. enjoy!

Stewarts said...

Isn't it fun to snuggle with them when they are so little? The pictures are great! Can't wait to meet him.