Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to Work

Well, the first two days of work have gone pretty good. It was different to go back to work on Monday, but good seeing all of my patients this week. Tomorrow and Thursday I will be heading in to team meetings. Hopefully I'll get a few referrals while I'm there. While I have been out, there have been a lot of changes as far as staff members leaving, so it will be a challenge as I try to convince the nurses that their patients need music therapy. Eventually they'll get used to having me around again. Everyone seems excited to have me back so that has been encouraging.

Alex has been a good boy at daycare so far this week. Jennifer loves having him and continues to say that he is "such a perfect little boy." It is good to know that he is in good hands. I do miss him during the days though.

I'm including a few pictures of this past week. Alex absolutely loves his baths so we thought we would take a few pictures last night. There is also a picture of Alex after his first day at Jennifer's and then a picture with Jennifer and her girls.

Alex after being at Jennifer's


Jennifer, her girls, & Alex

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