Saturday, June 09, 2007

Company and work

This past week Alex got to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Thompson for the first time. Kent's parents came to visit us on Thursday and Friday. It was good to see them, since it had been since November, and it was great for Alex to finally meet them. The time was mostly spent staring at Alex and wondering what he was going to do next. Funny how adults do that when they get around babies. :) We did venture out to get Oberweis ice cream on Thursday evening. Alex was great and fell asleep as we were all enjoying our treat.

On another note, I head back to work this coming Monday. I'm having mixed feelings about it, but overall I think I am ready to be back at work. I am excited to see my patients again, and I know that they will be excited to see me, as they have been without music these past 2 months. I also know that Alex will be in great hands with Jennifer. (We'll post a picture after his first official day with her.) I am a little worried about how tired I will be after working a full days work and then getting up at night to feed Alex. Hopefully I will find the strength and energy to compelte the tasks that I need to. I'm sure it will take some adjustment, but I'm hoping that time will be quick and painless. :) So, if you think about me on Monday, send up a little prayer.

Like my hat from Kendra?

Alex and Grandma

Alex with Gma & Gpa Thompson

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