Monday, October 08, 2007

6 months old

On Friday Alex turned 6 months old. It is unbelievable to think that he is already that old. While there are definitely days that seem like an eternity, overall the last 6 months have flown by.

He is changing so much every day it seems like. There are times that Kent will get him up in the morning and think he has grown an inch overnight. :)

Alex is currently rolling all over the place, scooting himself around, and trying so hard to crawl. He is getting close, but hasn't quite put things together. He has started to eat babyfood and has tried cereal, peas, green beans, and carrots thus far. I have to say trying peas was hilarious! He literally gagged when he first tasted them. Thankfully, everything since the peas, he absolutely loves! The funny thing with feeding him is that if you don't get the spoon ready fast enough, he starts to scream. We haven't quite figured out how to fix this problem, besides the two of us working faster to get the food to his mouth. We think he got his uncle Chris' eating habits. :)

We head to the doctor this afternoon, so we will post an update along with pictures last in the day. Check back.

In other new job is going great! I'm really enjoying my new boss as well as not driving around all day. The hospital has been wonderful. Within the next few weeks I should at the hospital I'll actually be working at instead of in "training." It has been fun though and I am enjoying it, so that's great news!

Alex got another clean bill of health today at the doctor's. He weighed in at 17pounds 4ounces and was 27 inches long.

6 Month Professional pictures from Sears

Ready to run with Dad (it was raining, so Dad put me in a garbage bag!)

Love from Claire

Claire & Aunt Regan

Monthly picture in the corner of the couch

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Jeremy & Kimi said...

love the Sears pictures, esp. the scrunched up face! :) Jared's rolling all over the place, too, and the fun with solids has begun. The expressions are priceless and the diapers... well, the diapers I'd rather forget. :)