Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleepless Easter

This past weekend we headed to my parent's to celebrate Easter. We were looking forward to getting out of town, since we've been home for awhile now. We really haven't travelled since Christmas. Apparently Alex is now at the age where he knows when he isn't in his own crib and room. Every time we tried to put him down for a nap or his bedtime, he would just stand up and scream! We never deal with this at home. At home, we lay him down and within 15 minutes at the most, he has fallen asleep. Needless to say, it was frustrating to have a screaming child who was just scared to be in a place that he didn't recognize as his own home. We made it through the weekend though and he's back to his normal sleeping habits. After this weekend, we're wondering when we even want to venture out for another weekend trip anyway.
We did have fun with my family though. It was good to see the new things that Claire is doing and how fast she is changing. Friday night, Chris, Shannon, and the two of us left the kids with the grandparents and headed to Kankakee for a movie and dinner. It was fun to have a night out with the kids. Kent and I haven't seen a movie in over a year, so it was long overdue!
I'll leave you with some pictures from easter.

Popsicle Leftovers (I had some of Daddy's)

Crawling around

Easter Frog from Great Grandma Bev

Playing with Mater

Playing in the Crock

This is Fun

In the Crock again

All dressed up for Easter Morning

A Tie? Seriously mom??

With Daddy

With Gma, Gpa, & Claire

Eating Gma G's salad


Lauren said...

He is so cute and is really growing! Can't wait to see you guys again in may!

Lauren said...

He is so cute and growing so fast! I can't wait to see you guys in May!

Rachel said...

Cute photos! I like the snarl for the tie.. :)

Laura said...

cute pictures... tell yer mom i said hi, is she still at milford clinic?
would you guys like to come down sometime in april? we'd love to have you for late afternoon, supper, or whatever works best in your schedule!! just let me know when!!