Friday, June 20, 2008

An eventful day!

This morning has been eventful morning. I was watching Alex this morning and he was playing as he always does, and climbing all over things. Well, he was just playing around the TV table and the next thing I know, he slipped and fell on something that was on the floor and sliced his head open just above his right eye. It was a deep cut, so we immediately got in the car and headed to the emergency room. Not a fun experience, but thankfully Alex is okay, and didn't need stitches. They were able to use the dermabond stuff which should have minimal scarring. I think I'm more scarred than he is. I'm now terrified of everything that he is playing with. I know, I know, accidents happen and all kids fall. I'll post some pictures of his latest battle wound. :(


Jeremy & Kimi said...

ouch! The only hole I had to deal with yesterday was a hole in Jared's crib sheet. How it got there is beyond me. Probably his teeth. :P At least Alex seems to be in good spirits about it (love the second picture). Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

ouch! looks rough but he sure looks tough!!!

Benjamin said...

yikes!... well, now he has a manly battle wound. let the exaggerated stories begin