Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Summer Fun

We have been having a blast with Alex this last week. Last weekend he spent time with Grandma and Grandpa while Kent and I headed to Wisconsin for a friend's wedding. It was nice to us to spend a little time by ourselves, but by Sunday we were ready to go and pick Alex up. He has been so happy this last week just laughing at everything and really starting to play games with us. His new favorite game would be to chase us or be chased around the house. We also discovered a huge open field of grass by our place that is perfect for putting Alex down and just telling him to go anywhere. He really can't go anywhere to get in trouble there, so it works out perfectly.

His head is healing and the scab is looking better everyday. It hasn't seemed to bother him too badly, which is great! Every once in awhile he'll touch it, but more than often he just leaves it alone. Hopefully his scar won't be too bad.

At the Zoo with Daddy

No explanation needed... explanation needed

4th of July

Fun at the Splash Park

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