Saturday, June 07, 2008

One last update

I forgot to tell you all about our stress that we've had this last week. Saturday night I was out with my friends from college. I got home Sunday and Kent told me not to use the bathroom. He then went on to say that our bathroom ceiling collapsed from the leak that we'd noticed a few weeks ago. We found out this week that the toilet from upstairs had been leaking for awhile and the water damaged caused the ceiling to just give way and collapse. So, Monday we had an emergency water damage crew come and cut the rest of the ceiling up and clean things up. The crew left two HUGE dehumidifiers in each of our bathrooms. Let just say that not only do we have a pool, but for a week we also had two saunas! Not the highlight of my week. :) Friday afternoon, they did come to pick up the two dehumidifiers. We also had someone come to write an estimate for us.

So at the end of the week, we've come to realize that the worst is over, or at least it seems like the worst is over. :)

You'll notice in the next few posts that Alex has a huge bump on his head. With all the demolition, we had a ladder out in hallway. He turned too fast, fell, and hit the corner of the ladder with his head. Not a pretty site, but it's getting better.

We'll keep you updated in the next few weeks.

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