Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Fair & Claire

A few weeks ago we took Alex to the County Fair where I grew up. I don't think Alex was quite old enough to understand the fair. He wasn't a huge fan of the Merry-go-round. He seemed to enjoy looking at the animals, but didn't really want to touch them. He was a little tired from the heat and not a great nap. His most favorite part of the day was definitely running around in the open area by the tractors. He just ran and laughed. He also loved pretending to drive the tractors! He thought it was a blast. Who knows, maybe he'll be a farmer afterall. :)

We've also been spending a few weekends with Claire (my niece) as well. It seems like they've really had fun playing lately. At a wedding rehearsal last weekend, they were chasing each other outside and laughing, or should I say screaming. Here are a few pictures to enjoy.


Playing in the Water

Driving on the Tractor

What a Smile!

Playing with Claire

From my last work-out with Rachel before she moved. :(


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vlted77 said...

Glad to see Alex on a green and yellow tractor!! :-)

We really enjoyed seeing all of you this weekend. Thanks again for being part of Travis & Kelli's special day.

Aunt Vicky