Thursday, July 31, 2008

A more Serious Update

Wednesday we had Early Intervention come and did an evaluation for Alex. We had an Occupational Therapist, Developmental Therapist, and Speech & Language Therapist come. They basically came and played with Alex while asking us a trajillion questions. After watching him interact and play with them for an hour, they decided that he does need Speech Therapy. That didn't come as a surprise to us as he is not babbling a lot (really only started babbling a few weeks ago). He never says "mama" or "dada." He has been starting to do more sign language which is VERY encouraging to us. Mostly he makes grunting noises when he is trying to communicate with us. It's a little frustrating as most people who don't know him very well tend to think that he is whining when he's really just trying to talk. He's also been pointing a lot, which the S&L therapist said was encouraged to see. Anyway, he'll be getting speech therapy 1 time a week for an hour at a time.

In other news, we've also retested Alex for his tooth and nail syndrome. We found out about a month ago that there is testing available for Witkop Tooth & Nail Syndrome, so we went ahead and had blood drawn for the 4th time in Alex short little life. Hopefully we'll hear something soon about that. Basically this will just help us with insurance stuff and we'll also know if it is a dominant or recessive gene.

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